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Historic Building Conservation in London

With over 35 years of experience under our belts, we have been successfully involved in heritage & building conservation in London. 

London is home to many historic buildings. As a company, RWF Carpentry is proud of the London conservation projects we have been involved in. Similar to the projects of London’s independent heritage charity, our focus is to rescue and restore with our carpentry, building and conservation skills London’s historical past.

Our Services in London

At RWF Carpentry, we have a reputation for our professionalism and expertise in building restoration services. With many successful City of London heritage & conservation projects completed.

For each conservation project, services start with advice to design and actual London building conservation work. London building restoration is the ultimate job satisfaction for craftsmen like ourselves.

Heritage Buildings & Restoration 

As mentioned above for complete job satisfaction to be able to work on listed constructions is a thrill in itself. To be able to re-use historic architecture in heritage buildings in London is an architectural feat.

As craftsmen in our trade very close attention is spent on every detail of all projects. London historic buildings and heritage sites are fascinating for us to be able to skilfully work on with our carpentry and joinery.  

Historic Buildings & Maintenance  

With all our historic & conservation maintenance programs we will always deliver on schedule. London property maintenance will always be within budget and our services to be of the highest possible standard and quality. 

One of the most prestige places we have done renovation and maintenance commissions was the famous Tower of London. Our experienced and professional carpenters and joiners were skillfully replacing and repairing the flooring.

Our Concept & Vision

The concept of historic restoration is to bring back to life what has long been forgotten. Being skilled to be able to undertake our trade as carpentry and joiners skills is a pleasure for the whole of our workforce

We are proud of our accomplishments and the conservation jobs we have completed for Historic England.

What are IHBC Students?

IHBC is an abbreviation for “Institute of Historic Buildings Conservation”. To become a member of this historic building conservation institution, courses of a minimum of 50 hours of conservation establishment study over a rolling 2 years must be completed.

When study time has been achieved you can then apply for full membership.

For more information visit the Institute of Historic Buildings Conservation website. On their website, you will find lots of helpful information so you too get involved.

Check out our Portfolio

Check out our website portfolio page, here you will find many photographs of the assignments we have proudly been involved in over the years.

Get in Touch

If you need further information regarding the London conservation building projects we undertake. Please get in touch, one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members will be more than happy to be of service.