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We are Craftsmen in the Conservation of Timber Heritage Buildings

Heritage and historic buildings restoration carpentry is what we are known for, if you need a heritage conservation carpenter in the South for your historic building then look no further than RWF Carpentry based in the South East of England, UK

We specialise in traditional heritage conservation restoration projects, we use our own in-house experienced conservation-minded restoration carpenters, who together have a wealth of experience in all types of bespoke joinery work.

The quality of our conservation joinery work can be viewed at many historical sites from a heritage church, stately homes, old timber framed buildings and the prestige Tower of London.

Whether is to restore a traditional oak frame design picture frame or a complete heritage building timber roof restoration project, no job is too big or too small.

Our dedicated and passionate conservation carpentry team take pride in their work on every heritage timber project they have has contact with, they all undoubtedly as a team love their work.

With over 35 years of experience, we are considered to be masters of our trade.

Please view our portfolio website page which highlights some of the listed buildings we have completed work on recently.

Heritage Conservation Carpentry

So what is heritage conservation joinery, it’s a profession that offers to restore timber with our joinery work in Britain’s listed buildings to preserve the building’s physical and historical integrity using when possible the original oak timber & masonry materials.

As with any other properties, listed or not, the main culprit for problems with woodwork is lack of maintenance and water, we work alongside our customers advising on possible eventualities and a maintenance prevention program, and our specialised team of experts can make repairs in keeping with the building history.

We care immensely about the conservation of historical buildings, with our project work these buildings will last for generations to come so they can enjoy them too.

Historic Timber Building Restoration

Luckily in the United Kingdom, we still have remaining many historical buildings dating back as far as 1200 AD, historical timber building conservation is an integral part of our business, as a company we pool all our resources to keep Britain’s heritage alive.

It’s important that any damaged historical features rather than be replaced should be repaired, if a feature is not possible to repair we will then with our woodworking skills replicate the damaged part with both colour and materials to be as identical in looks as the original.

We are very aware of any new additions should always be compatible with existing features so that we can preserve the historical integrity of timber buildings, conservation is our number one priority.

Period Furniture Restoration

Restoring period furniture is very satisfying, from an antique chest of drawers to an antique rocking chair our crew of dedicated woodworkers can restore any antique furniture to its former glory by replacing worn-out parts in such a way they still retain that period look and our attention to detail is second to none.

Our skills allow us to make bespoke furniture into a style of your choice, whether it’s Victorian or Edwardian period furniture you want, our skilled craftsmen can deliver any item befitting to its chosen period.

Let’s Keep history alive

As with most of the population, we think conserving all of the histories and historical artifacts that we still have around us is super important, it’s all part of our history from farm properties to cathedrals, stately homes and castles plus the furniture that lies within its walls, it’s our heritage and needs to be preserved, as a company heavily involved in conservation-restoration we feel it’s our duty and we are truly passionate about conservation and restoring of our heritage, and the keeping of our past and history.

Get in Touch

If you would like to contact us regarding our work, whether it’s to restore a property or a piece of furniture or any other bespoke projects you have in mind, it would be our pleasure to be of any assistance to you, please use our contact us on our website or call us at your convenience.