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Restoration Carpentry on Period Historic Buildings in the South of England

Working with traditional building materials and methods and as a carpenter for historic buildings in the South of England, RWF Carpentry Co.Ltd takes great pride in our conservation timber woodworking skills on listed buildings.

We have been in this business for over 35 years and nothing installs such enthusiasm and pride amongst our team of skilled craftsmen as when we get involved in conservation-restoration work on heritage and historic public buildings.

What are Listed Buildings?

A listed building is deemed to be of national importance for its special architectural structures and historic interest.

To give you an idea, any buildings that were erected before and between 1700 and 1840 and have survived to this present day, some buildings erected after 1840 can still be classed as listed although the listing is more selective, even some buildings as late as 1945 are listed.

There are over 400,000 heritage buildings in the UK, all searchable online, which include monuments, registered parks & gardens also protected ancient wrecks and registered battlefields are all protected by the United Kingdom heritage trust

Conservation & Heritage Joinery

Wood has a very natural beauty and has a history of being used for thousands of years for building homes, many examples of historical importance can be seen up and down the UK, and many still retain their original wooden windows, floors, doors and timber framework.

As conservation joiners, it’s our job to conserve the natural beauty of these buildings with restoration work, as a restoration and conservation company we still use traditional handcrafted methods on all these projects, using our heritage joinery skills to restore timber to as close as its original condition.

Heritage Project Management

As specialist building contractors we are able to manage historic building conservation projects ensuring all restoration work is carried out on sites correctly keeping the architecture beauty intact with all timber framed buildings extra care and carpentry skills are needed and as a project is managed correctly in the restoration process.

Timber building conservation is our forte, there is nothing more satisfying than a joinery and carpenter’s team to be involved in, we specialise in project management and anything which is related to architectural joinery work

Oak Timber Restoration

Anything with a heritage oak frame design needs oak frame carpentry skills which our carpenters are renowned for, repair and restoring oak timber does take a special skill with a keen eye for perfection, which our team 

We can provide advice as part of our service to assist with any maintenance, we would have to come around and take a look, and see what needs to be done which will include on our to clean the wood, panel reconstruction and the materials we use.

Building Refurbishment

If you are lucky enough to own a historical property you are able to renovate the backrooms such as the kitchen and bathrooms to suit everyday modern life, (some properties will need development consent, always check with the right authorities)  but you must always retain and preserve the original style and structure of the front room. 

Even to paint the outside of a historical property you will need development consent or a written exemption from your local borough council, everything has to be in keeping with the surroundings as all historical properties are normally painted in black & white, so don’t expect to be given consent to paint it any other colour.

As a company have been involved in and managed many a historical site over the years, one very famous one which was absolutely magnificent for us to be able to work on was The Tower of London, you can actually look online at our co UK website under “Portfolio” where we have showcased some of the amazing repairs and refurbishment work carried out by us.

If you need any wooden item restored on or inside your property, whether it to repair timber roof struts or timber flooring to recreate classic furniture, reconstruct an old timber door, or any work that involves traditional woodworking skills and needs a craftsman’s love care and attention, then please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.  

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We pride ourselves to deliver to our customers just what they want, all on time, within budget on product and workmanship, with all work being carried out to the highest of standards, no job is too big or too small, and you will find all of us to be friendly and professional bunch willing to please.

If you are interested in our joinery timber and repair work, please don’t hesitate to contact us, either via email, telephone or our website contact tab, we would love to hear from you.